The midges were a small band that featured in Knife Edge. The members of the band were Jaxon Robbins (guitar), Sonny (keyboard), Rhino (drums) and Persephone Hadley (singer). Sephy was asked to join because, as a cross, she would help the band get gigs at cross clubs. However, she was later asked to leave because of her bad reputation. Sonny, the member of the band that she was closest to regreted this and the two later became friends, then began to date. Sonny proposed to Sephy but she said no because she hadn't got over Callum yet.

The midges played at two cross clubs, where they were very popular, and one nought where they had to leave because the crowd was so angry with Sephy becausse she was a cross. They also played at the birthday party of a Romaine Debela, she wasn't very happy with them because she kept requesting Scarletter, a more famous band.