Stiletto was one of the cells in the Liberation Militia. Its leader was Pete and its second in command was Callum McGregor. This cell also contained Leila and Morgan Green.

Stiletto was the L.M. cell that was responsible for kidnapping Persephone Hadley. In this mission they were joined by Jude McGregor. Callum lured Sephy to the beach and the others captured her. Sephy was locked in a cell in their hideout and forced to record a video telling her father her kidnapp. Kamal Hadley agreed to the L.M.'s first demand and the cell planned to demand more. Callum stayed to guard Sephy. Leila picked up the money, Pete dropped off the second set of instructions and Jude and Morgan made the phone calls from phone boxes. However, Andrew Dorn, who was supervising the mission tipped them off to the police. Leila was captured and spent the rest of her life in prison, and Pete was killed. Jude and Morgan only escaped because they changed location at the last minute and Andrew didn't know that they were going to. After that, Sephy escaped. The mission was a disaster. Later Callum was captured and hung. Jude and Morgan were on the run.