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A nought was a person who was white and treated second-class citizen in the world of the ruling Cross. Noughts are not treated as equals, they are normally poorer than crosses, they have different laws and there are places where they aren't allowed.

Noughts are often called blankers by crosses and sometimes other noughts, it is used as an offensive term which is similar to referring to black people as the "n" word in the real world The word blanker etymology is the blank used to mean a waste of space. Even the term nought can be offensive as nought can mean nothing implying that noughts are nothing.

History of rights Edit

Before the first book, Noughts have always lived in England. At some point the Crosses moved to England and kept Noughts as slaves, believing then to be inferior. They were eventually freed but still hated the majority of crosses.

In the Noughts and Crosses series, the first book, Noughts and Crosses, is in the time when Noughts had just started being accepted into Cross schools although their intelligent levels where set higher to be accepted in so fewer were accepted. Many crosses protested outside of schools and they were not treated equally. In Knife Edge, the second book, noughts never gained or lost rights.

In Checkmate and Double Cross, noughts are treated better and have more opportunities but it is still clear that the two races are not equal. Also, in these two books mixed race people are much more common and it is not a scandal for a Nought and a Cross to be friends like it was for Calum and Sephy.

Near the end of Double Cross the equal rights bill is passed making Noughts and Crosses equal in law although it will probably be a long time before people's attitudes change.

Nought Rights Moment Edit

Noughts and Crosses did not have the same rights and were discriminated against. Noughts could be be discriminated in the law, education, employment and housing.

Noughts could be punished more severely for crimes, were given worse jobs and were never in positions of power for example, if a Nought was killed or attacked then it would matter less to the police than if it was a Cross. Until the start of the first book, noughts and cross went to separate school but it was more difficult for a nought to be accepted in to a cross school. Nought's are often poor and live in tiny households. But once in a while, a nought made it into life, and was allowed to be successful but it was more difficult to be successful if you were a cross. Crosses on the other hand nearly always lived in huge houses, and were allowed better jobs.

There were many peaceful protests for nought rights and , but one group, called the Liberation Militia, were terroists, killing and maiming innocents in a desperate attempt to force the government to make noughts and crosses equal. This caused some Crosses to from the stereotype that all Noughts are terroists. The L.M. claimed that they wanted Noughts to have equal rights but many members believed that all crosses should die or at least in nought superiority. These hard core members refused to believe that any Crosses were supportive of Nought rights and distrusted them all. Some L.M believed in equality like Callum McGregor.

Towards the end of Double Cross the equal rights bill is passed, finally treating the two races the same and giving them equal chances in life.

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