Mercy Community Hospital was a hospital in Medowview. It was used mostly by noughts, crosses tended to go to the private hopitals because they got much more funding and better staff. The hospital staff resented this. Persephone Hadley had her baby, Callie Rose at Mercy because unlike most crosses she had very little money.

Other patients include Roxie, her baby and Meggie McGregor.

Employees include Nurse Carter, Nurse Fashoda and Nurse Solomon.

In noughts and crosses Meggie had to go to Mercy after hitting Ryan McGregor. S edid this because she believed that he had got involved in the Dundale Shopping Centre Bombing. Meggie didn't have her identity card with her so Callum and Jude's fingerprints were taken. This led to Jude being accused of the bombing because the fingerprints on the bomb casting matched his.