Lynette (nicknamed 'Lynny') was the older sister of Callum and Jude McGregor; and the daughter of Meggie and Ryan McGregor often described as Meggie's 'favourite' child. She also happens to be a sex offender

Lynette had dated a Cross named Jed prior to Noughts and Crosses and as a result, was attacked along with her boyfriend and left for dead. The men who attacked them believed in seperation and mixed heritage relations were wrong. Jed left Meadowview and didn't come back again. After a lengthy time in hospital, it was revealed that Lynette was no longer of sound mind due to the traumatic events. Most of the time Lynette was very quiet barely left the house and just got on with life, however, sometimes she had strange turns where she believed that she was a cross. She also frequently asked where Jed was. She asked why she was in a house with noughts and said that she was more important than her family. This showed that she hated being a nought and that she wanted to be an equal with Jed so that they could be together.

At one time when she was acting like this Jude got angry and showed her her reflection in the mirror, comparing it with his. Lynette then realised that she was a nought and regained her sanity. She couldn't cope with knowing that she was second class and without her true love, Jed, and commited suicide by walking in front of a bus. Only Callum knew the truth because of a note left for him by his troubled sister. For the rest of his life, a small part of Callum hated Lynette for giving up and for what she had done to her family.

Lynette's death affected Meggie the most; and increased Jude's hatred of Crosses dramatically. Jude already blamed Jed for what had happened to her and although he didn't know that his sister had commited suicide, he still blamed all crosses. Meggie believes Lynnette's passing made her husband and Jude plant the bomb at the Dundale Shopping Centre; but this was never confirmed. Lynny's funeral ended in a commotion as Sephy arrived to pay her respects, infuriating Jude and other noughts present.

Lynette's name means 'pretty one' which corresponds to her character.


Noughts and Crosses

An Eye For An Eye

Knife Edge


Double Cross