The Liberation Militia were a Nought terrorist group for Nought rights, there were many other groups for nought rights but the Liberation Militia (L.M.) were the most violent. Instead of peaceful protests the L.M. ruthlessly killed crosses and some noughts, most of them innocent. They detonated bombs, kidnapped people and killed to try and get their point across. Most L.M. members hated all crosses and refused to believe that they could be supportive.

Cells Edit

The Liberation Militia is split into cells. The number of people in a cell seems to vary, nine people in the Stiletto cell which had only four. In each cell there is a leader and their second in command. Each cell is lead by one of the nine commanders, depending on where its base is. Callum was then found and killed while the Liberation Militia was 

Command Edit

There were 9 main commanders of the LM, each commanding a reigon and all of the cells in that reigon. The overall head of the LM is The General, who has a second in command and also a third in command, chosen by the second in command.

Liberation Milita Members

Liberation Militia Generals

Liberation Militia Second in Commands