Leila was a member of the Liberation Militia and a memember of the cell in which Callum McGregor served in: stiletto. She was the same age as Callum as well and she eventurly had a crush on him, and even asked him if he wanted to sleep with her, and got rejected. She once mentioned that the reason that she liked Callum was because he was the only guy who doesn't want to sleep with her immeadiately. When her cell and Jude McGregor kidnapped Persephone Hadley she went to the call part of the kidnapping mission. Andrew Dorn, the traitor, tipped off the police and Pete was killed and Leilia was captured, she was left to rot in prison, probably Hewmett.

Joining the L.M.Edit

Leila met Callum in a cafe in the city. It was a few months after his 18th birthday. Leila went around asking for some spare money. Three men made some rude comments and mocked her. Leila beat them up. Callum went over to her and asked if she would like to go out for dinner, she said she did. The two became good friends and at some point Callum asked Leila if she would like to join the Liberation Milita, admitting that he was a member. Leila said that she did and was put in Callum's cell.


Leila was tall, she had very short dark brown hair and green eyes. She was said to resemble a cat. As a nought she had pale skin.


Leila is very good at breaking into buildings, she was also an expert on explosives. As a member of the Liberation Militia it is presumed that she had at least basic knowledge of weponary and other skills. She is also a good fighter, in a cafe she beat up three men who were annoying her very quickly.

Apperances Edit

Noughts and Crosses

Knife Edge-Mentioned only.