Kelani Adams is a very successful Cross solicitor hired protect Ryan McGregor when acussed Dundale bombing. Kelani one of the best lawyers in the country, who almost always wins cases. Almost everyone heard. Unknown to Meggie and Callum McGregor, Jasmine Hadley, Sephy 's mother paid Kelani's services.

She worked hard on the case, but the judge was unfair and Ryan was charged and sentenced to be hung, despite the fact that the majority of the jury did not think him guilty. However, Kelani managed to insure he only recived life inprisonment, Ryan was angry rather than thankful at this, he said he would rather die than spend his life in prison. Kelani would have aided the McGregors furthur had Ryan allowed it.

Sephy admires Kelani greatly and aspires to become like her when she is older; but when she gives birth to Callie-Rose she puts her career plans on hold.


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