Jude Alexander McGregor is the brother of Callum McGregor. Jude is an odd person in which he almost always to wants annoy Callum. Throughout the beginning of the book he becomes increasingly withdrawn to anyone but his Dad, Ryan McGregor. It is later revealed that he joins the Liberation Militia for the "better cause". He resented Lynette McGregor, his older sister, as she had "episodes" which made her think she was a Cross as a result of her and Jed's attack by Noughts.

Early LifeEdit

Jude Alexander was born presumably in Mercy Community Hospital to Ryan McGregor and his wife Meggie McGregor. He was always eager to learn and share what he had learnt with his parents, who learned most of their knowledge from their clever first son. *Take the last bit of this sentence with a grain of salt. *

They had promised Jude he could go on into further education after fourteen until Meggie was fired from her Hadley household duties for not being Jasmine's alibi for her affair while Kamal Hadley was away in Politics. Meggie snapped out at jude, explaning that they couldn't afford it and his nought friend could only attend because his mother had designed spray on tan to make noughts look like Crosses. Jude became bitter after this and was jealous of Callum when he was accepted into Heathcroft High School.

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