Chivers is a boarding school that features in Noughts and Crosses.

Sephy Hadley, wanting to get away from things at home, went to Chivers to make a new start. Before she left she sent a letter to Callum asking him to run away with her. Callum didn't open the letter until it was too late, and missed Sephy. Sephy, thinking that Callum didn't like her anymore, quickly settled in at Chivers and made friends. Sephy avoided going home, even for the holidays, choosing to stay with friends instead. In the years that she is at Chivers she didn't see Callum at all. Callum missed her a lot and regretted not opening the letter sooner. It is during this time that he joined the Liberation Mitilia, following Jude and Ryan.

Sephy's sister Minerva Hadley wanted to go to Chivers but is not allowed to, she hated having to stay at home with her drunk mother Jasmine Hadley.

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