Blanker is a derogatory term used to refer to noughts. This implies that noughts are considered a worthless waste of space. It is considered extremely insulting and offensive.

Examples of the Use of the Term Edit

User Reffering to Quote Notes
Kamal Hadley Noughts in general "I thought letting a few blankers into our schools would spike their guns . ." Reffering to his disporval of allowing noughts in cross schools. He later uses this term serval other times during his conversation with Andrew Dorn
Heathcroft High School protesters The four noughts joining Heathcroft High School "No Blankers in our school! No Blankers in our "school.. The protest was against the decision to allowed noughts at Heathcroft High School. Protesters included Sephy's former friends, Julianna, Adam and Erza, and her sister Minerva Hadley
Sephy Hadley Heathcroft High School protesters "WORSE THAN ANIMALS ...BLANKERS" Sephy used this term in an attempt to stop the protest. Callum was offended and it nearly cost their friendship. Sephy promised to never use the word blanker again.