Alex McAuley was a main character in Double Cross. He was the leader of the criminal gang that owned the west side of meadowview. Before he took charge he was second in command to Jordache Carson who was killed by the Dowds. Alex was more sucessful than his previous boss and he got onto equal footing with the Dowds. He was later killed by Dan

The ShootingEdit

During Double Cross some of McAuley's men went to the wasteland to have a shoot out with some men that worked for the Dowds. During this altercation Callie Rose McGregor Hadley was shot twice and entered a coma. This iniated Tobey Durbridge's quest for retiribution against Alex McAuley for allowing this to happen to his girlfriend.


  • It is possible that Alex McAuley was one of the men that came to beat up Nathaniel Ealing with Jordy Carson. They were never named and one of them did have blonde hair.


Checkmate (Possibly)

Double Cross

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